Monday, March 2, 2015

These letters are gonna have to be quick. I'm leaving in 1 hour to get a plane to Alta Floresta. That's right, I'm going back!!!!! This time to do divisions. We're going to spend just about the entire week doing divisions with some cities in the north part of the mission (Sorriso + Sinop).

This week was way diffierent. Here in the mission office it's a whole new type of work. We're resposable for helping the mission in a lot of admisistration. Among other things this week we...Finished up the transfers, helping all the missionaries get to their new areas, recieved and trained the new missionaries coming from the MTC, updated the mission roster, met & planned with President Reber and the mission staff, prepared and gave a training to Zone Leaders in the Mission Leadership Conference, and planned and marked all of our divisions for the entire transfer. 

With all the administrative work, we havn't been able to fully dedicate to our own area here. As of now, we're working with some recent converts and less actives that live here close to the mission office. But, the Ward here is fantastic, and they're all super willing to help us out with missionary work. On Friday we helped with and Open House of the chapel, and it was a great sucess!! The Ward got really exited about missionary work, and we were able to get a couple of good contacts in!

It's been hard adjusting to the new rhythm, and I've been frustrated more than a couple of times with my inability to get out and work in the streets like I normally do.  With this week of traveling and divisions ahead of me, I'm really going to have to rely on more than my own strength to make it through.  But, I know that the Lord is with us.  He really guides this work, and he makes possible the impossible!
Até mais
Elder Justus Johnson

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