Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Well, this week was eventful, and for me, it was great! Of course, with the end of the World Cup is was a little bit more difficult to work, but we were exited to recieve a second visit from President Reber, and this time, he stayed not just one day, but two!

The big event of the week (contrary to popular belief) was NOT Brazil's loss to Germany, or the final World Cup game but a fireside Saturday night with the President. We spent just about the entire week inviting everyone we know, and everyone we don't know to the fireside, and we were able to scrape up a solid 50+ people Saturday night. The fireside was really great, and now we have a bunch of new people that are curious, and want to recieve a visit from the missionaries. YAY for references!!

President and Sister Reber got here Friday afternoon, and we put them instantly to work! Friday and Saturday President had 3 interviews in different Radio stations, 1 interview in the local newspaper and even an interview on the local TV news!! What's more, we were able to visit ALL of the members (recent converts and newly discovered) with President. It was incredible to spend two days working alongside our leader, and inspiring to see and feel the spirit that he and his wife carry with them. 

On Sunday, we were blessed with the opportunity to perform the baptisms of the rest of A's family. It was a beautiful baptismal service, and the spirit was very strong. I am thrilled by every little step that this family in particular is taking toward the Temple, and eternity. 
Finally, the new Elder here in Alta Floresta is Elder A! He's a Brazilian from the Bayia, and he has little over 1 year on a mission. I was impressed by his humility and willingness to accept new things ever since his first day here, and I am excited to work more with him!

Ate Mais!

Elder Johnson

Friday, July 11, 2014

Wow! This week was great! It's sooooo nice to be able to stick with the same companion two transfers in a row. We're working together super well, and we're working a LOT. This week we basically just got to it. Finially, we've got organized and settled to the point where we're working effectively and with the spirit! It's impossible to talk about everything that's happening here, but I'll try and cover some of the main events. 

First off, we're teaching a very interesting family with a ton of potential. The head of the household is a 70+ year old grandmother named T who a few years ago abandoned a life of traveling and gambling to settle down with her family. I could write for ages about her life and family, but suffice it to say that she is in the process of really turning her life around for the better. Two weeks ago she was fervently Catholic, and promised us that she would never accept another baptism. On Saturday, she accepted our help to prepare to be baptised, and testified to us that she "knows that everything we say and teach is true". To hear such a testimony served to strengthen my own that much more! 

This week really was just a powerful one. No single experience stands out, but it so, so many instances this week, the spirit was strong, people were touched and hearts were changed. Things are happening so fast, I can hardly keep track of it all. We found yet another member family that moved here from Cuiaba just one month ago! We visited the couple, and we are excited to have their support in continuing the incredible growth of the church here. 

With all the work we are doing here, and the support and help of the Lord, we were able to witness something that I never expected. Saturday night, I prayed that we would not have room enough to recieve the blessings of our efforts during the week, and Sunday morning, that prayer was answered more literally than I could ever imagined. 45 people came to our little sacrament meeting yesterday, and there was LITERALLY not enough room in the house to seat them all. 

When we do our part, God does his.

End of story.

Elder Johnson

LT enormous tree
Service Project

 A couple the other missionaries are teaching and who will be married end of July to be able to be baptised.
Other Elders serving Alta Floresta.

 LT Preparation day visiting a museum
RT Alta Floresta landscape view

 Last pictures are of recent baptisms