Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's Thursday, August 29th, 2013.  Justus has been working hard at "Metro Gutter" all day.  He has been working all summer long to save up for his mission to Cuiaba, Brazil.  We are so pleased he has decided to serve a mission.  Every young man in the church age 18-26 can serve a  mission for two years. Young women from age 19 - 26 can serve missions also. The men serve for 2 years, women for 18 months.  Prospective missionaries do not know where they will be called, the application is individual, the calling inspired.  It's like a tithe on our lives. Mission service is a choice, strongly encouraged by the church. 
     Today Justus left the house at 6:00am and rode his bike 7 miles to work in the industrial park off Edsall road.  Usually he cleans gutters on houses but today he helped re-construct a chimney.  He transported bricks and cement up and down a ladder all day long.  He ended the day so exhausted he called to get a ride home.  Brother Matthew Laudie, Justus Priest Quorum advisor, took Justus to Texas de Brazil, a Brazilian restaurant in the DC area.  Justus came home very satisfied after a hard day's work.  
     Tomorrow Justus will have his Open House.  Hunter and dad have been cooking brownies and lemon squares this afternoon while I took the other children to register for school.  It's been a busy day!  Justus gave his Farewell talk on Sunday.  He spoke on Service and did a wonderful job. He shared how service changes our hearts and shared his experience with listening to the spirit and following its promptings. Suzanne and Daymon Leonhardt and family came down to support Justus.  They were able to attend the Temple on Saturday and Justus performed the baptisms for the dead with his brothers and cousins. It was so nice to spend time with family!
      This week we were notified that Justus' Visa did not come through yet so instead of going straight to the Brazil MTC Sept. 3, he will be leaving for the MTC in Provo September 4th, this coming Wednesday at 6:00am.  
He said he was relieved to live in Provo for a transition into life as a missionary. I'm just happy I get to have a few more hours with my son!