Monday, February 23, 2015

The transfer news is in!! I'm going to Cuiabá!! Back to my "birthplace"! I'll be companions with Elder Zárate, an Argentino, and one of my very best friends here in the mission. I've known him ever since I was in Rondonopolis, and I really love the guy. I am so exited to work até o Pó and learn even more!!

As for this last week in Campo Grande, it has been pretty crazy. I started the week with a two-day division with Elder A. Santos in a nearby area, and we got a lot of great work done. He's got less than 6 months on the mission, and so it was a great opportunity to train him a little bit more, and enjoy of the energy and enthusiasm of a "greenie". I love the spirit and determination of these new missionaries who really just want to go out and get work done. It's weird being on the other side of the one-year mark with the responsability to train and be and example for them. 
After this division, I had...yet another division!!! This time I went to work with an old friend, Elder Garcia, in his area. I was with him during his first two transfers in Alta Floresta, and since then, he's changed and leared a lot. The division was Super spritual, and we had some great lessons where we were able to feel the presence of the Holy Ghost. That night, as we chatted about the division, We shared personal testimonies of Christ and his Atonement with each other, and it was a truly sacred moment for me. 

The rest of the week was basically a mess. I'd like to get into details, exept not really. Let me just say that I spent another couple of days with Elder A. Santos working in both of our areas. On Saturday, there was a big old farewell for 4 different missionaries in the Zone who are all going home tomorrow. Among them was a great friend, Elder Bonaro, a missionary who has done so much for the mission, it is hard to believe that soon he'll be at home. Rest in peace Elder Bonaro, and may you soon have your very own Granola!!

Lastly, this week I learned a lot about the importance of communication. In a companionship or as a leader, it is so important to really "open your mouth" and talk to others around you. When you can sit down, talk about things, and plan the days ahead, you can prevent a lot of misunderstanding. I feel like communication is a new goal for me. I really want to have an open and honest relationship with all of my companions, and so from here on out, I'm going to do what? Communicate!!

And, that's just about all I can think of for now

Fica firme tudo mudo!!

Elder Justus Johnson

1. division with Elder A Santos

Other pictures from a couple of weeks ago.  Helping the Bishop cut a tree down.

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