Monday, February 2, 2015

Hey everyone! This week was great! First off, I was able to spend the entire week with one of the best missionaries ever, my Argentino friend, Elder Zárate. We had a week long division together, and it was just awesome. We got back to Campo Grande and back to work on Wednesday, and went scrambling to follow up with all of our investigators and recent converts. The good news is that B is just as excited as ever, and came to church with us this Sunday, and the bad news would be that just about everyone else dropped off the face of the earth. 

But, this week, we're counting our victories in different ways. This week we had remarkable success in working with and improving our relationship with the members of the ward. On Friday we were able to teach with members one visit right after the other. On top of that, we had a great Ward Counsil Meeting where we were able to discuss the entire time about investigators, Recent-Converts and Less-Actives. We feel like the ward is really rallying to help us out. We even have members assigned to pass by our progressing investigators while my companion and I are out of town.
Among other things, we were able to help Bispo out this week by cutting down a tree in his front yard. What makes the story exeptional is that here in Brazil they apparently don't believe in axes, so we hacked down the tree with nothing but a machete!!!! The bishops wife got some great footage, that I'll try to get send to eveyone in these following weeks. 

Finially, the neatest moment of the week was a direct result of working with members. We've been visiting a less-active lady named P, who recently had a baby. This Sunday we were finally able to help her come to church to have her baby girl recieve a name and a blessing. To my surprise, the mother chose me to do the ordinance. I was honored to hold the newborn in my arms and feel a powerful spirit. I was able to almost see the incredible potential of that little child, and I will treasure that moment until I can one day do the same thing for my own.

I know that we are childen of a loving Heavenly Father, and part of his eternal family. As such, each one of us has so much capacity for good!!! I want badly to understand my own capacities, and I'm gratefulfor this opportunity on a mission to discover them even more.
Ate mais gente!!!
Elder Justus Johnson

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