Monday, February 9, 2015

Well everyone, that's another week down. And it was a fun one. As tiring as it is to travel, I really love these opportunities to work in all types of places with different missionaries. This week we went to Maracaju and Dourados. 

In Maracaju, I was able to work with Elder V. Alves, and meet with the branch President. Just to explain a little bit more about how things are in the mission, outside of the big cities, there are a number of smaller towns that have little branches or groups of church members. Because these cities are far away from...basically everything, it is harder to care for and help out these small branches. With these geographical situations, and due to the "newness" of the church in these areas, they often become breeding-grounds for apostacy.  A lot of our work as missionaries here is to accompany the progress and leadership of these branches. When the missionaries are slackers, the branch suffers. A LOT. It is frustrating at times working so hard just to keep things from falling apart but, it's worth it.

Even in my own area, where there is a solid Stake, and a decently organized Ward, I am gaining a new appreciation for what it means to have "Opposition in all things". Recently, I've been feeling like I've been fighting an uphill battle. Doing everything possible to help people really make changes in their lives. With so many things, I feel like we are working with damage control, striving to make awful situations less awful. In every aspect of this work, I am recognizing more and more that ther is a powerful influence that is set against the work of God.  

I can only hope that through our faith and efforts we can overcome the obstacles and opposition, and even our own carnal nature to "bring to pass much rightousness".

Elder Johnson

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