Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ya know those weeks that go by and at the end, you're not even really sure what happened...that would describe this past week pretty well. We worked with a couple of new families, and are trying to involve the members more and more. We've got a couple of great family nights and activities that happened that helped the members in the ward get more excited, and we're going to use that energy in this coming week. 

Even with all that great stuff happening, we've had some problems with our Recent Converts recently. M, G and B are all having trouble getting to church. But, we're determined to keep them on track, and help them all get to the temple one day!

1. division with Elder Anderson (MTC buddy) and Elder Foster
2-4. P-day at the park with the ZONE!!!!

 1&2. Capivara
3. Guiacurus statue
4. Campo Grande (arial view)

Other than that, things are in a remarkable state of normalitly (is that a word), and I am as happy and as excited as ever. The mission continues to be the best, and I really mean THE BEST thing ever.


Elder Johnson

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