Monday, January 5, 2015

Hey! It's 2015 now! How about that? 2014 passed by so fast, I don't know how it's possible. Wtih the new year in front of me, I'm ready to give this last phase of my mission all I've got. As always I've got new goals, a new vision, and a determination to do everything and anything the Lord expects of me.

But as for this week, we started out with a division with the Group in Fatima do Sul, where I was able to work with Elders B and W! It's always a special feeling to be working as pioneers expanding the church! Immediately after that division we headed on down to Ponta Porã, and had an awesome meeting with the stake president there. I learned a lot about how inspiration works to guide chuch leadership. That night, we celebrated the New Year with a member family, and there were fireworks aplenty. I imagine that it sounded something like a warzone for about 15 minutes. the entire horizon was illuminated by the light of all the fireworks, little smokebombs and random gunfire.

Day one of 2015 was a missionary holiday, and we spent the day with two zone's worth of missionaries, eating churrasco, and playing futebol! 
After all the festivities, we finally got back to work in our area on Friday, but due to some randomness (that is becoming more normal than random), I once again spent the weekend in...DIVISION! This next week should be a lot more organized, and me and my companion are excited to end the transfer working hard!

Até mais!

Elder Justus Johnson

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