Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hey everyone! I'm just about heading out for a trip to Dourados, so I havn't got a lot of time. But, my Christmas was wonderful, and we're looking foreward to a great New Years as well.

We've recently been trying to use the new year to our advantage, talking about new starts, and important decisions. We're teaching a lot of people that really need to make some big changes, and now with 2015 around the corner now is the time to make them! 

Happy New Year to you all!!!
2015 here we come!!!!

Elder Johnson

We spoke with Justus via Skype for Christmas.  He loves the mission and is doing well.  He expressed his desire to extend his mission by 6 weeks which means he might not return until mid September.  More from Justus:
  Hey everyone! I loved seeing you all on Christmas, and I hope that next time we can organize a better time for you all. The past week wasn't super productive because of Christmas smack dab in the middle, but we did our best and were able to help people get to church. 
Today me and my companion are leaving to do some long distance divisions, and we'll only get back in our area Dia 1 de Janeiro. But, I'm excited to get to know some new areas and new missionaries!

1 & 2. Christmas eve with Members
3. Christmas presents!!!!! (the shirt is a gift from some investigatos, don't worry I don't use it to go prostlyting...yet :)
4. the killer Braziliancat!!!

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