Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hey everyone! It has been quite a week. With transfers, there have been many missionaries coming and going to and from Campo Grande. As the missionaries who live closest to the bus terminal, my companion and I were responsable for receiving and sending each and every one of them. So, we spent the first two days of our week running to and from the station, once even at 4o'clock in the morning. Talk about sleep deprivation.

One of the missionaries that arrived was one fresh from the US. He spent a day with us trying to get him registered here in Brazil, and it was quite the experience. I was reminded of when I got here. I didn't understand anything and I must have seemed so lost!! 

Even with the transfer craziness, we were still able to keep up with our progressing investigators. It was great to teach and help J prepare for his baptism this Saturday. He accepted the commandments so humbly and sincerely!! I was struck by his "broken heart and contrite spirit". It was wonderful being able to see him in white!

As is now the standard, I also spent a number of days in division this week. I was able to work with my new LD, who just happens to be an old companion of mine, Elder T!! We had a number of great lessons, in particular a lesson with a part member family. The father of the family is a great guy, but as of yet he's never wanted to go to church or get baptized. We had a great experience as us missionários, along with his his son testified about the blessings of having the Sacerdócio in the home. This father was touched, and finially expressed interest in applying the Gospel in his life as an example for his family.

I am so grateful for the blessings of the Gospel and the Preisthood in my family. It's real and true!

Ate mais!

Elder Justus Johnson

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