Monday, January 19, 2015

Hey everyone! This week was great! My new companion is here and we're working a lot! Transfers was the usual stress and craziness (we had one elder get here 7 hours later than planned), but the difference was that this time I was ready for it! novo companheiro, Elder Leão!!!

As soon as everything got settled, we got to work here in our area, and we had a lot of success in working with the members this week, We were able to get some really good visits in, along with a great Noite Familiar with some investigators. Among other things, the gigantic family we found last week is progressing! In our lessons with them, they expressed great desire for the family enteira ( 8 people, 5 with baptismal age) to be baptised. Now we just have to help them keep going to church and get married (of course).

The other big event that went down this week was our last-minute division in Aquidauana. That particular branch had a lot of changes take place in the transfer, so we headed on over on Friday to give them a head start! We went there with President Reber's counselor here in the south, Presidente Oliveira. The entire experience was a trial of patience. We wanted to leave Campo Grande at 2:00 but weren't able to leave until 5:30. On Saturday we had to leave Aquidauana at 3:00 in order to get back in our area in time for the batismo of B at 7:00, but of course, the bus didn't leave until 4:00...Needless to say, I was able to really develop my "christlike attributes" this week.

At the end of it all though, Everything went alright. B was baptised, we helped the Elderes and Sisteres in Aquidauana, and we even had a few investigators at church!

That was basically my week. Here comes another one now!!!

Elder Justus Johnson

1&2. P-day no Mercadão
3&4. Drinking Tereré from a guampa!

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