Monday, March 23, 2015

Well everyone, this week is full of NEW. New area, new companion, so let me get you all the info.

First off, I'm with Elder Viana, from the Northeast of Brasil (Piauí). He's got 9 or 10 month on the mission, but he's 22 years old, and was studying law. So, basically he's super smart. 

And now for the report on Corumbá. Here, our area is actually two cities, Corumbá and Ladario. One right next to the other. Together, there´s over 150,000 people in our area, and we've got a lot of ground to cover. Until recently, the Branch here in Corumba was part of a the Bolivian District (three branches) on the other side of the border. The missionaries from the Bolivian mission (who live in Bolivia) cross the border every day to work here in the city.

Now Corumbá will be a part of our mission, but because it's far away from EVERYTHING, it's not part of a stake nor District. Which means once again we are on our own. No Zone, no nuthin. Thank you Alta Floresta. 

But, the branch here is actually pretty strong (if you call 70 people strong). But, as is the norm, there is plenty of work to do, helping the church leaders, and strengthening the members, as well as finding new people to teach.

This week, we've been working with the 4 Bolivian missionaries. Boy are they troopers. With absolutaly NO training, they have to work in another country with another language! I've got a lot of respect for each one of them, and I've been impressed with their work here. This week was a lot of getting to know people and places, and I'm loving it so far!! 

Ate mais!

Elder Justus Johnson

Pictures:  the river (and pantanal) next to the city!
The pictures really don't do the scene justice.
Bolivian Missionaries,
Family of the Branch President

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