Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My week was great. We were able to find some great new investigators, but as always there were new things that kept us busy here in the Mission Office. The biggest change is that a new city was recently transferred to our Mission from Bolivia. The city is called Corumbá, and it already has a branch, but has always been part of the Bolivian Mission. After a number of petitions by the members in Corumbá, the branch was finally transferred to our mission last week. To re-open the branch, President Reber is sending me there with Elder Viana. Because of this transfer, there's been a lot of changes in the mission this week, and we spent a lot of time working out the kinks. I for one, head out for Corumbá tomorrow. GOODBYE ESCRITORIO!!!

Other than that rather significant change, a bishop of a nearby ward also asked Elder Zárate and I to give a training in Gospel Principles. So, we missed out on our own Sacarament meeting, but were able to help out in another ward, and have a great meeting with the missionaries in that District. But enough jabber...
Lastly, a funny story. We were at lunch this week with a sister in the Ward, and she happened to have one of her friends there.  This would have been a great thing if this lady hadn't been so SNAKEY!  Among other things, she remarked a number of times on how attractive I am, and din't just give me her number but also her e-mail, facebook, and "whasapp" (Brazilian social networking thingy)...what really put the cherry on top is that she already has a 9 year old daughter daughter.  Talk about the need to get a life.

 1&2. sunset in Cuiabá
3&4. fun times with friends

PS from mom: Corumba, the gateway to the wetlands called the Pantanal is a city 96,000 by the border of Bolivia.  The mission president and his wife visited Corumba a few weeks ago. The branch there has been part of the Bolivian mission and after years of deliberation has become part of the Cuiaba mission so Justus will be the first missionary from the Cuiaba mission to help the branch in Corumba.  

Well, that's it for now, next week I'll be writing from Corumbá!!
Love, Elder Johnson

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