Monday, June 1, 2015

This week I think I've endured the most extreme temperature changes of my mission. Monday and Tuesday here in Corumbá were blazing hot, but it started to cool off on Wednesday. On Thursday, Elder Alves and I headed out to Campo Grande for a training, and there it was Super COLD (for Brazil). It was definetaly the coldest I've been in over a year. The worst part is, is that I know that it probably wasn't even that cold. I'm worried about the possibility of me freezing to death in the states...

One of the most striking experiences this week was teaching about the importance of marriage to a couple that's been together for 35 years but isn't legally married. It was remarkably frustrating to open up the scriptures and explain various passages that talk about the importance of marriage, just to have the hard-headed husband reject everything. Really! What is it that people have against going to sign a couple of papers. I tried to explain that it is a way we show our love and faith, both to your spouse and to God. The wife was loving it all, and wants badly to be married. It's remarkable to me how Satan is destroying the worth and importance of family in so many ways.
I know that the restored gospel is truly God's path to happiness and an eternal family. Of all the things I've learned so far on my mission, one of the most striking lessons has been the importance of the family unit. 

lastly, here are some pictures from this week's adventures!
Elder Johnson

1&2. selfies with ex-companions
3. birthday party of a less-active's grandson (the little kid is the grandson of Irmão Nelson, who we are reactivating)

4. hitching a ride!!!

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