Monday, May 25, 2015

Another week full of work! The time is flying by, and there were a number of crazy experiences this week. 

Last Monday, after a relaxing P-day, my companion and I went out to make a couple of visits. We were walking down the road, and we noticed that there was a semi-truck starting up. The only problem was that there was a drugged homeless lady sleeping underneath. We ran to the truck yelling to stop and to wake up the homeless lady. But, the truck didn't stop, and the lady was so loopy that she was barely concious. Just as the wheels were about to pass right over her, we got to the truck and literally threw her out from underneath the moving vehicle. But, she was so heavily under the influence of drugs, that she wasn't even able to respond to basic questions. What a sad, sad existance. It is hard for me to believe that human beings can be brought to such conditions. I am infinitaly gratefull for the teachings of the Gospel that keep us from such a lifestyle.

Other than our saving-the-homeless adventures, the week was pretty normal. We were really trying to talk to everyone! We found a number of new families to teach, and now the challenge will be helping them get to church. 

The weekend was awesome! On Saturday the District had two baptisms, and I was able to do the baptismal interview of the two women that were baptised. I was struck by how the lord prepares people, and we were blessed with a beautiful baptismal service! Two rainbows appeared as we started the baptismal service, and it made for a memoriable moment as well as for some great pictures!!
This next week, I'll be spending two days in Campo Grande, so there should be some great stories next Monday

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Johnson

reunao de distrito

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