Monday, May 4, 2015

Hey everyone! It has been a wonderful week! Full of great experiences, and lots of great moments. This weekend was the baptism of Emanuelly. Talk about prepared people. She instantly stopped drinking coffee when we taught to Word of Wisdom, and continues to read the Book of Mormon every day. Her mom went to her baptism, and now we hope to help her familiy discover the same truths that she has. 

Along with this wonderful baptism, we had the privelage this week of helping a young man, Marcus, finially make the decision to serve a mission. For the past few weeks we've been regularly stopping by to leave him with mission-related messages, and this week he let us know that he decided to pause his college course and serve a mission. He was anxious to let his parents know, and we set up a suprise anouncement this Sunday with his parents. It was a very touching experience. His mom laughed and cried and was just a mess! It was great to be a part of that moment. 

Yet another great opportunity was with one of our Recent Converts, Sidney. We were able to do some visits with him on Tuesday night, and in one of the visits the mother of the family asked for a blessing. For the first time Sidney was able to exersise his priesthood and help in the ordenance! It was great to see a guy so humble magnifying his priesthood duties. His conversion was really special because before joining the church he was a pastor of another denomination! 

Needless to say, this week was just great! You all must be praying really hard for me, 'cause we're being so blessed!

Até mais!

Elder Justus Johnson

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