Monday, November 3, 2014

Hey everyone! This week was a busy one, and we were able to see a lot of sucess in our little branch this Sunday. We were able to see a couple of great less-active families come to church after a long time of working with them, as well as having all of our recent converts there too. It was a great end to a very interesting week.

First off, let me give a warning against infection. It's no fun to have an infected toe. Take it from my companion. A week or two ago Elder S had a quick operation to remove an ingrown toenail, and thinking that all was well, we went on our way. Unfortunetally, soon therafter, the toe started to swell and leak pus (not good by the way). Turns out that it got infected, and that walking all day in sweaty church shoes is not the best treatment to fight bacteria. Now, Elder S is taking antibiotics, and we had to stay at home on Friday to give the toe some recovery time. We used the opportunity to celebrate Halloween by doing a deep cleaning of our house, and a really solid session of Weekly Planning.
The rest of the week however, was really great! We went up to Primavera do Leste on Wednesday to participate in a training, and do some divisions. I was able to work with my trainee, Elder O, who is now a District Leader there in that city! He's doing his trainer proud!!
To finish off the week, and to make up for the lost day on Friday, we did an all day division with the Young Men on Saturday. I was able to go on splits with a great future missionary called. He was baptised a little over a year ago, but is now one of the most helpful members here in Rondonopolis. As it happens, just about all of our plans fell through.and we had to improvise. But, things worked out in the end and we were able to find a couple of really great new investigators. I loved spending time with N, he reminded me a lot of my brothers at home. He was so excited and ready to work and teach with the missionaries, and to one day serve his own mission. I hope that all young men could have that same testimony and excitement about Missionary work.
This week I thought a lot about what the church really is, and the purpose behind all that the church teaches. In so many ways, all of the commandments, and church doctrines exist for our happiness and protection. In working with many less-actives I've been able to see how members of the church with a firm testimony of the gospel are led away or decieved because of how sin appears so attractive. But as always, turns out that God really does know what's best, and wickedness never was happiness. Instead of finding a super happy party life, people lose out on the simple, pure happiness that the gospel brings. and unfortunately, they stick with a guilt that impedes them from returning to the church, and the principles that once made them so happy. It's things like that that help me realize even more deeply, that the church really is true. I know that this is the true church of Christ, that offers true and eternal happiness.
Ate Mais!

Elder Justus Johnson

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