Monday, September 15, 2014

My brother's on the mission! Parabems Hunter. It's good/strange to think that I'm not the only Elder Johnson in the family anymore. Now California will have it's own Elder Johnson to do the work of the Lord. The mission is the best thing in the world, and I'm sure his mission will be just as good for him as he will be for it!     But as for my own mission here in Brazil, it's as hot as ever, and we are ready to brave the sun, sweat, and dissapointments to have some real success here in Rondonopolis. However, especially after this week, I know that success won't come easy. This week was really frustrating, despite an awesome meeting in Cuiaba and some last minute miracles on Sunday.
The week started off just the way we like it. With lots of work and lessons, including some great participation with the members. Our main investigator, A (fiance de D) is consistantly getting more and more excited for her marriage and baptism. Also, this week I had the remarkable opportunity to teach a 16 year old kid named J! Turns out that (my last name) is actually used as a first name here in Brazil. Not only is it neat to teach someone with your own name, he's an incredible investigator. He went to church with some relatives as a young child, but moved away before he turned 8. Recently however, he got his hands on a Livro de Mormon, and has been reading it too! He's already in 2 Nefi! I really look foreward to helping him progress, and hopefully one day be baptised!       After a solid start, our week was inturrupted by a trip to Cuiaba, where I celebrated my 20th birthday! And by celebrated, I mean that I stayed up all night without sleeping due to the inhumanely high temperatures in the assistant's house. Turns out their AC was broken and they didn't have enough fans for everyone, so I basically layed in bed sweating my life away all night long. :D Hurray for memories. But, despite the complete lack of sleep, the meeting in Cuiaba was super insightful. Presidente Reber and the assistantes helped us learn more about some changes to the mission, and some things we need to focus on.
The downside to the Cuiaba visit, is that we lost some crucial weekend time, and we were unable to visit all the people that we wanted to. It didn't help that all the people that we DID decide to visit weren't home! Due to these difficulties, we were very disapointed by a dismal church attendance on Sunday. I was SOOO put out, but after a quick prayer, I went downstairs, and who was there. A less-active member who brought his new girlfriend to church!! I quickly marked a lesson for after church, and that very night, taught her, and marked a baptisimal date for the 27th! I feel like it was definitely an answer to prayer.
It's so silly to me to think that someone so perfect and powerfull as GOD would actually be willing to help someone so imperfect and lame as ME! But, he does. We can recieve these miracles in our lives just by ASKING! How crazy is that?! But as we testify every day to people, I testify to you all as well that God hears and answers prayers. So why not pray?     Just do it, I promise that it works!

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Elder Justus Johnson

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