Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hey everyone! I can't believe the tranfer is coming to a close. I never thought a month could pass by so quickly. This week was another one of seemingly fruitless labor. It's frustrating to have a transfer without baptisms here in Brazil, but I honestly feel that it's not for lack of effort! If anything, I've just got to learn more about finding the right people and helping them take the steps necessary to be baptized. But at least we've got the coming transfer set up pretty well with a ton of confidence from the Branch and some investigators with lots of potential.
We tried a new technique this week that we dubbed, 'the day after tomorrow'. The idea is to find a bunch of new investigators in one day, and then two days after go by all of them again to see if they- 1.read the book of mormon 2.prayed about the restoration 3. want to go to church. In theory, this process would help us focus on people that really are going to progress, and in practice it means that we just dropped everybody :/ the few cool people that we did find didn't go to church, which makes for a very dissapointing Sunday. BUT. live and learn!
Other than our unsuccessfull elect finding, we had a couple of great events this week. On Friday we had a divisao com the elders in Primavera do Leste (a neighboring city). It was great visiting another city, and we had a solid division with the Elders there. The downside is that the two bus rides there and back were at 6 in the morning which means we were more than a little bit sleep deprived this weekend.
Lastly, this Sunday we had the opportunity to help open up yet another group here in Rondonopolis. There is a group of bairros way far from the church building, and so the church leaders here decided to open up a group there. As always it's awesome to participate in the expansion of the church. It won't be us that will be working there, but we accompanied and helped out the other Elders in our District that will now be assigned to work there!
And, now I'm out of time. Great.
But, I look forward to this transfer week and to news I'll pass on to the next. 

Ate mais!
Elder Johnson 

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