Monday, April 7, 2014

Wow what a week! It's been remarkably busy, it's impossible to tell all the stories, or relay in detail everything that's happened this week in one email but I'll try to hit some of the big events-

- New companion, Elder T. He's from Santos, Sao Paulo, he's 19 and has 2 months of mission under his belt. He's not brand new, but he's definitely new, and he reminds me a lot of, well, me at the start of my mission. He's got the "greenie fire" burning bright. He's full of a desire to really get out there and get to work, and what's more, he's determined to be exactly obedient. He's got a LOT to learn, but I've got high hopes for the kid. He could use a touch more humility, but then, again, can't we all?? But all in all, he's great, and we'll continue to learn and improve together. 
- Not one but TWO extremely uncomfortable run-ins with gay men, who were way too interested in us.
- I got sick for the first time in my mission!!! WHOOOO! No worries though, I killed it with 2 multivitamins, 2 fever reducers, a Vitamin C supplement, lots of water, and an extra hour or rest! Take that Brazilian diseases!!
- We taught a record number of lessons here in Alta Floresta, and what's more, we blew church attendance out of the water with 25 people at church on Sunday!!

All in all, it's been a week of work. Just a "go and do" week. To be honest, it was really really hard. But at the same time, so, so rewarding. Becoming senior companion, and what's more, becoming responsible for a new missionary who's finishing training is super stressful. I feel like the fate of the city is on my shoulders, and many times this week that burden has appeared more than I can bear. Any time if anything goes wrong, a lesson falls through, a pesquisador looses interest, a lesson goes awry, It's on my head. I can't count the number of times I've felt completely overwhelmed by the task in front of us. I spent two whole nights without sleep, just laying in my bed, consumed with thoughts and plans, ideas and worries, people and places. But each day, we got out and got to work. We worked through rain, heat, exhaustion, and in my case, sickness, but we did it! We spent each and every day out on the streets of Alta Floresta giving it our all. And we certainly weren't perfect. I messed up a lot. I'm still not a very good teacher, I'm not the best planner. I'm not very organized. I forget important things all the time. But I know our work and effort was accepted of the lord this week. I was able to see a miracle. The miracle of our little sacarament meeting being filled to the brim, with not enough seats for all that came. I remember with incredulity our first two weeks here, with just us missionaries and the one family here. To see the living room of Irmao P e E completely full, with people ages 70 to 3 months, was a sight I will treasure for a long, long time. 
Anyway, I'm loving it here, and I'm giving it my all. 

Elder Johnson

1. sacrament meeting with President R
2. The "arvore grande" (the one I got a picture by a little earlier)
3. Just a macaw, chillin in a tree.

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