Monday, April 14, 2014

I am so gratefull for e-mail! Right now I'm not sure I have the energy to actually pick up a pen and write a letter. Both my companion and I are dead tired. We're probably going to spend the rest of P-day sleeping. But, another great week of work here in Alta Floresta!

The biggest event of the week was the visit and division with the assistants to the President, Elderes Rolim and Beatty. Last transfer, I learned so much from them, and this week once again, I was humbled to work with such great missionaries. The lesson learned this time was confidence and courage in the service of the Lord. I learned that as missionaries, we have every right, and even a responsability to be bold, and demonstrate the authority of our calling. 
Saturday night, Elder Rolim and I were working way far away from casa, in um bairro fairly dangerous. As we were returning home at night, we passed a very angry drunk. He stopped us, and started to spout a whole bunch of angry nonsense. He grabbed us by our ties and and started yelling at us, asking us "who do you think you are". Elder Rolim calmly responded "we are representatives of Jesus Christ" and proceeded to invite the guy to church the following day. That example of courage and authority will stick with me to the end of my mission.

Other than that, my companion and I had a cool/funny experience with a lady who is convinced that we are prophets. After our first lesson with her, she prayed that if we really were messengers of God, the pain in her arm would dissapear. Remarkably, and according to her faith, the pain indeed dissapeared. The story is funny, because now it's just about impossible to help her understand that we're just missionaries, and that with a true prophet of God, only one will exist on the earth at a time. 

Em Fim, we're excited to continue the Lord's work here, and we continue to learn and see miracles! 

Elder Johnson 

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