Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy belated Easter to all!!!! 

Páscoa was indeed the biggest event of the week. SO much chocolate!! I think easter is a bigger deal here in Brasil then in the States. I love it! Lots of chocolate and lots of people remembering Jesus, one of the best combos ever! To celebrate easter we did what Brazilians do best: CHURRASCO!!! It was glorious. 

What made the day even better was breaking the record for church attendance here in Alta Floresta, 26 people in church! My companion and I have decided that now we have really established a solid foundation with the members here in Alta Floresta, we're going to dedicate more of our time and energy helping our Pesquisadores progress to batismo! There is so much great potencial here, and I'm super excited to be a part of the conversion process of so many elect souls. 

In part due to the Easter season, my thoughts this week have been directed much more frequently towards Christ, and specifically his perfect example for us. The people here in Brazil have a habit of saying that "Cristo é tudo". I often wonder if people really understand what that means. I for myself am still in the process of learning and applying that truth to my life. This week, and in particular, yesterday, I was thinking a lot about example. Of all the great examples of missionaries that I have seen, from Elder Ca to Co,

  which do I want to be most like?? The scripture of Christ's counsel to his Apostles came to mind, "be even as I am". It struck me that I don't need to settle for a lesser example that that of Christ. In all I do and say, my intention should be to exemplify the attributes of Christ. Needless to say, I fall short. A LOT. But, part of the sacrifice, the Atonement, of Christ was the hope of this possibility. I know that through Christ, I can indeed become as he is. Perfect and Glorified. I am infinitely gratefull for my Savior, Jesus Christ and ALL he has done, is doing and will do for me.

Elder Johnson
Pictures:  Dressing up for Easter as only Missionaries can!  OVOS DA PÁSCOA!!!

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