Monday, April 10, 2017

Hi everybody!!  One more week past and gone here in Campo Largo, Brazil!  Man time really flies!  I´ll be quick because this Lan house is pretty darn expensive and I only have 20 Reais to live off for the next 4 days!  I´m getting really sick of Ramen, ya´know?  

This week was really cool because us missionaries planned out a huge activity for the entire church!  The activity was called `Campo Largo Espasoso`.  We essentially made a giant `tree of life` out of paper and put Christ in the center.  We had every participant write their names on a white sticky-note in the shape of a fruit (which us missionaries collected and slapped on the tree) before comencing the activity.  We tied ties around all the participants` eyes then led them to a cord (the iron rod).  They followed the rod until they entered the church.  Then they were loosed to try and find their way through obstacles to find the tree.  The holy ghost (us missionaries) whispered the way to go, while other helpers tried to distract.  In the end, everyone was laughing and having a good time.  

With the help of the spirit, EVERYONE made it to the tree (Christ).  What´s more, is that, when others arrived in the chosen destination, they returned to help their families who were struggling along the way.  What a great example, right?!!!  We always will have friends or family struggling to arrive in the kingdom of God, therefore, WE have a great duty to look back and help guide.  We are all one big family...the Family of God.  Why don´t we help out our fellow brothers and sisters along the rough path of life?  It´s so easy to do.  So let´s go!!  Hope to hear from you all next week!!

Elder Kumen Johnson 

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