Friday, July 3, 2015

To Everyone,
This week marks the long-awaited mission President change. President Reber is heading out, and President Oliveira will take charge! After such a long time working with President Reber, it'll be a change for sure, but I know the Lord prepares his leaders. I can only express my gratidude to President Reber for everything he did to love and help the members and missionaries of this mission.

Other than that big news, the week here in Corumbá was just a lot of work. We are being blessed with the ability to teach a LOT, but now our challenge is to involve the members and teach with them!

As for great experiences, there were two different moments that were just awesome. First of those was with Marcus, a young man preparing to go on a mission of his own. Every once and awhile, we stop by his house to keep him exited, and this week we had a neat experience with him. I was trying to think of a scripture we could share with him and Alma 29 came to mind. As I was opening up, Marcus said that had read a question about a certain chapter...he proceeded to open up his own Book of Mormon to...ALMA 29! Thank you Holy Ghost.

Lastly, we finished up the week yesterday with a "family night" at Isac's house. His parents were having a rough time, so we set up this activity to try and lift their spirits. We all had a great time. We invited another couple (Sydney and Yolanda) and took advantade of the activity to celebrate their 1st annaversary as members of the church!!! I truly love the people here in Corumbá and seeing them happy makes me happy.

Here's to yet another week!
Elder Johnson

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