Monday, April 6, 2015

Hey everyone! Transfer uptates comin in!! Elder Viana and I are splitting up to divide and conquer the city of Corumbá. I'll be with Elder Lucas, a Brazilian, and Elder Viana will be with Elder Ellis, an American. Our week was focused on getting people to Conference, and we were blessed with success! We were able to help one family come back to church, and we marked the baptismal date of their 9-year-old daughter. Now we just have to help the father get prepared so that he can be the one to perform the baptism!

This week we taught a guy who said something along the lines of "how can you believe in a modern prophet? I asked around and no one even knows who Thomas Monson is. How can he be a prophet if he is not recognized at large by the world?" I explained to him that getting the word out is our (as missionaries) part of the deal, the decision to listen and obey is an individual choice. 

How grateful I am for a modern prophet, and for up-to-date instruction direct from God. That particular moment taught me a little bit about the importance of our "restoration" message. He was (in part) right! How many people have heard the wonderful news that there is a living prophet on the earth TODAY and not only that but there's twelve living Apostles!?!? Not a whole lot is the answer. 

I was touched and inspired by this last session of General Conference. I left with the desire to be and do better. After all, that is, in essence, what God wants us to do. Continually improve, fix our mistakes, and trust completely in Christ to do all that. 

As for Christ, how about Easter for a chance to remember him and apply his sacrifice in our lives. I know that Christ lives and as a living Savior exists to bless our lives today. I love my Savior, and want so badly to make his sacrifice "worth it" in my own life. 

That's the week!
Happy Easter to everyone,

Elder Johnson

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