Friday, April 17, 2015

Hey everyone!! This week has been great! It started out a little bit shakey, with my new companion getting here at 1:30 Wednesday morning, but he's getting the hang of things here in Corumbá very quickly. He's from Pirnambucu (nordeste), and he's very exited to be working in what is now his second area! 

As for our work here in Corumbá, we're seeing progress with a number of different families, the only problem being that two of these families are Bolivian and as such speak very little Portuguese. If we speak slowly enough they can understand pretty well (and we can basically understand the Spanish) but that's not nearly as much fun as learning a new language, so now we're both learning and practicing a little bit of Espanol. What fun!

Othen than the norm, this week we've been really trying to work with and strengthen some of the priesthood holders (men) in the branch. As missionaries we get to see good examples and bad examples. We see fathers and husbands that strive to strengthen and help their families by living and following the principles of the gospel, and on the other hand we see other men who seem to be dragging the family down. This week I was really struck by the essential role of "father" or even "husband". As "guys" we have really got to get it together. The blessings of faithful fatherhood are aparent, and the results of slacking are tragic. 

The mission is teaching me sooooo much about what kind of man I want to be. I hope I can carry these lessons with me to one day bless and sustain my own family! Christ truly was "the man". He set a perfect example for each one of us. It's definitely a high standard, but it's one we all have to strive for.

Ate Mais pessoal!!!

Elder Johnson
1. Me and my new companion, Elder Alves
2. Elder Viana e Ellis washing dishes
3. A catholic Deacon/Marine Coronel

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