Monday, October 20, 2014

Hey everyone! The transfer results are in! Once again, there is a remarkable lack of changes in our house. We're ALL STAYING! So, Elder S and I are looking at a third transfer together, a transfer that's sure to be even better than our first two together! We've got a lot of room to improve, and we're both exited to do everything possible to really help our branch here in Rondonopolis.
But, this week leading up to the transfer calls yesterday petered out rather than end with a bang. We got some visits in Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, but our day on Thursday was inturrupted by a trip to Cuiaba, and another rather unexpected event...our wall fell down.
We had just gotten out of the house and were on our way to an investigator's house when we got a call from the other Elders. They let us know that we should probably head back to resolve a slight problem. That problem being that the entire right side of the wall surrounding our house had completely collapsed. Turns out the people constructing the chapel next door were digging a little bit too much under the foundations of our right side wall, and the entire thing collapsed. Interestingly enough the mission doesn't have any instructions on what to do when your wall falls down, but we were able to make some calls and resolve the situation fairly quickly. But now, if you walk out back, the entire back patio is opened up to the construction site next door. YAY for adventures!
Right after the wall falling down fiasco, we got a bus to Cuiabá for a leadership conference. There were a bunch of missionaries there, and it was great seeing some old friends again. But what was even better was that the trainings were awesome. President and the Assistants but together literally an entire day of trainings and discursos! I learned a lot, and hopefully now we can apply some of the things we learned. My favorite parts was the new focus that President Reber established on our Area Books, and the discussion he lead on how we need to be courageous leaders (see 'which way do we face' do conferencia geral). Good stuff!
We got back on Saturday, and went to another wedding! This time a wedding of one of the leaders in the branch. Afterwards we headed over to Ramo 2 to participate and help out in the baptism of a great new family that the sister missionaries found and taught. On Sunday, the branch had the once a year caravana to the temple, and so there was only a sacarament meeting. All the members of the branch are going to be at the temple this week, and so that means I'll be practicing my Cooking!!!
lastly, with the new transfer and whatnot. I've been studying a little bit about repentance. In reading Alma chapter 24 I learned from the example of the Ammonites. A people that TRULY repented. I feel like they set a pretty good example for us all. They literally buried their temptations in the ground, and we're more willing to die then to commit the same sins again. That example is one I hope to follow in this next transfer and in my life. I've got swords to bury!!!
Ate mais,

Elder Justus Johnson

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