Monday, August 11, 2014

Well, this was a pretty solid week, and I've been learning and growing a lot! We've finally got some pesquisadores with some good potential and some baptismal dates coming up, and I'm getting the hang of our new area here in Rondonopolis.
We started out the week with a Zone P-day. We got together and had a churrasco (barbeque) with futebol! Two of Brazilian's favorite things! It was a bunch of fun, but the meat was cooking suuuuper slowly, so I took over on the grill. We poured in a bunch more charcoal, and I got that meat cookin'. Needless to say, I have now claimed the much envied title of churrasceiro (which means 'guy that does barbeque'). The entire Zone was impressed by my Gringo prowess!!! Thank you gormet foods :) 
The next day was our Zone meeting where we learned about the importance of study and teaching de acordo with the needs of our investigators. Our Zone is pretty great, and there's a TON of awesome missionaries who have been examples for me throughout my own mission.
The rest of the week was just gettin' to it. We've got a LOAD of new investigators, and now we're working with a couple of less-active families as well. Among other things we painted the kitchen of a member family, did a divisao com our District Leader, Elder Weeks, and walked até the end of the earth trying to find addresses that don't exist.
This week, I've also noticed a need for me to increase and develop a greater love for those around me. And of course, what better place to start than with the people you live with. For some reason it always gets a little bit complicated to demonstrate love with the people you're with every day, whether that be siblings, parents, companions, or anyone. But here in the mission you have an incredible opportunity to practice ALL the time! From here on out, I'm going to try and take more advantage of that.
Até Mais!

ELder Johnson

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