Monday, May 12, 2014

Well, this week was interesting. It just goes to show that when transfer time comes around, everything's up in the air. We were expecting our new companions to arrive on Wednesday morning, and we planned accordingly, but on Tuesday we got a call saying that they wouldn't be able to come until Thursday morning. So, we changed our plans and winged it a little bit, getting everything ready to recieve our new companions on Thursday. Wednesday night we got a call once again, there was a problem with the bus tickets, we were notified that our new companions would arrive 1:00 in the morning on Friday. And so, midnight, we headed on down to the Rodoviaria to greet them, The happy ending to the story is that they got here (finally)!

And, I am more than happy with my new companion. Elder O, from Rio Grande do Sul. He's a little ball of greenie fire! All excitement and determination to get out and get to work, exactly what we need here. I'm priveleged to be training, and I look forward to seeing him learn, grow, and become the best missionary that he can be.

Other than that, the week was filled with work, and lots of improvisation. Unfortunately, it was also pretty unorganized. However, I look foreward to starting off this next week with a solid planning session, as well as splits with the zone leaders for the first time!

Elder Johnson
After waiting all day we finally heard from Justus late Sunday evening.  Aparently he is in the same time zone! Here's what he shared after an animated conversation with him speaking mostly Portuguese...he struggled to speak in English, a good sign of a matriculated missionary.

Hey everyone! I absolutally loved talking with each and every one of you yesterday. It was a great experience, and I am so proud of each and every one of you. You're all growing and changing in little ways. Especially Avery! How fun to talk with her and hear her making conversation.

But, because I was able to talk with all of you, I've really got nothing to say...Just know that I love you guys tons!

And just to respond about the parrots, I see dozens of parrots during the day! But the coolest of all is when you get to see a Toucan! 

Love, Elder Johnson

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