Monday, May 5, 2014

Hey guys! Thanks everyone for your letters. This week sounded like everyone had some good times! It sure was a sweet week for me. My companion and I worked ATE O PÓ! It was so great. Naturally, that means I just about dead tired today, but that's what P-day is for, recuperation!  This next transfer will be really interesting, and I have high hopes. Finally, we were able to move to a bigger casa (that will fit 4 missionaries) and both me and Elder T will receive new (and by new I mean brand new) companions. So, I'll be District Leader AND a trainer this transfer. It's a lot of responsablility, but I'm super excited to see cada vez mais the crescimento here in Alta Floresta. One again, this Sunday we destroyed the record of church attendance with 34 people, all of whom stayed to participate in the baptismal service afterwards.

One of the best things in the world is to finish a transfer strong. And, for the first time in my mission, the tranfer changes this tranfer were exactly what we were hoping for, but I'll get to that eventually. 

So much happened this week. I'll probably forget to tell half the experiences we had, so you'll just have to check out my mission journal someday :) The beginning of the week was fairly stressfull because we finally found a house big enough and centralized enough to house 2 companionships! We spent part of quara-feira and most of quita-feira moving, and what's more, we did it all by ourselves (no moving elders to help out here). In the midst of this move, we were also running around to confirm and prepare four of our pesquisadores for baptism. 

Regardless of the time lost in the moving process, me and my companion were determined to teach a record number of lessons, a record number of contacts, and break the record of church attendance here in Alta Floresta once again. And so, we got to it! 

Essentially, the lesson I learned from this week, is that dedication, hard work and faith in the Lord make possible what seems impossible. Our capacities were increased, and we were incredibly blessed. On Sunday we were able to help all four of our investigators, A, his wife, C, and the two grandchildren of A L, C and T enter the waters of baptism. And a total of 34 people came to our humble little sacrament meeting. 

Finially, last night, our prayers were answered by the decision of President Reber to send two more missionaries to Alta Floresta. Sadly, Elder T and I are splitting up to be companions with these new missionaries, but we are both incredibly excited to accelerate the work of the Lord.

  -(Baptisms) batismo e nosso reunião batismal!!
  -critters of Alta Floresta
 -when all else fails, buy a watermelon, and have your companion carry it home!
  -goofing off with my camera
  - after a day of running from one end of the city to the other and back again...

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