Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hey everybody!! Glad you liked the pictures, I´ve got a couple more to send this week too! But first things first...

WHOOOOOOOO 16! The big 1 6. Watch out ladies, Kumen´s in the dating pool!!! 
AH, I´m so excited for you bro! I hope your birthday goes great, and I hope you enjoy your ordination to a Priest in the Aaronic Priesthood. The priesthood is a great power, but like we learn from spiderman, with great power comes great responsability. Always live worthy to claim the power that comes with this authority.

Dad, it was sad to hear about Bro. John´s son. Give condolences to him and his family. Parabems at fulfilling your duties as a home teacher, I wish I had a dozen more members like you here. If you feel like going the extra mile, try setting up a time for you to go and teach with the missionaries, missionaries always are looking for members to teach with. 
Mom, I´m safe, don´t you worry. And thank you for your thoughts about loving the people. The kind of charity that you have inherently is a gift that I pray for often.
Hunter, you missionary you, keep up the good work. If you want to take it to the next level, try adding a small simple commitment to the end of one of your religious discussions (like coming to church, or visiting
Ammon, it´s pretty funny about the sunburn. I got a little fried myself last week.
Talmage and Zenock, glad you guys had fun at the USO activity. Keep on livin´ the life!

My tip on missionary work this week- Involve the missionaries in the ward! Get to know them and their investigators by name. In many ways the work that they are doing there is more important that the work I´m doing here because there, you can actually get involved. It´s great that you pray for me and my investigators (when I have them), but it´s even more vital that you pray for the missionaries and investigators in your own area! Know that you have elders in the ward, it should be even easier for our family to get involved. 

Thanks again for your letters of love and support, stay strong and love the gospel!
 Love, Elder Johnson

sorry, I have forgotten to respond to your questions about you coming to Brazil at the end of my mission. 
To be honest, I don´t know how I feel about it. I think it would be awesome for Dad to go to Sao Paulo to see his old mission, visit the Sao Paulo temple and whatnot. I´d also love to visit Iguasu falls or the Pantanal. At the same time, I don´t want the end of my mission to be a tour. I want to preserve the sacred nature of the mission, and return home alone with my nametag still on. Those are my thoughts now. But it is far in the future. It is also something that I would have to get my mission president´s counsel on.

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