Monday, December 23, 2013

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!  What an exciting time! I love this season. This past week has been long, with a great variety of interesting experiences. The main event of the week was Christmas Conference. It was an all day event. It was great to see some missionaries from up in Round Rock. Sure enough, the work is going great up there! Our Mission President gave a training on angels and the Christmas story! It was fascinating. There was also a mission talent show, which of course was super fun!! 

Aside from the Christmas Conference, we had some really great, productive days, this week along with some long, frustrating days. On Friday, our roommates, the First Ward Elders, had some car trouble and had to take their car up to a shop in north San Antonio. My companion and I were tasked with the job of going to pick them up. BUT, we didn't have a GPS and so we ended up getting lost for an hour or so. It was the worst because there wasn't anything I could do!! I felt so helpless. We wasted a lot of time, gas and mileage, and I just felt sick about it. 

However the next couple of days were really great. We taught a bunch of lessons on Saturday, and uncovered a couple of concerns that we really need to address. We found out that one of our investigators, C, wasn't actually married to her husband. But, all is well, we taught the law of chastity, and now they are both preparing for marriage! And on top of that, her "husband" will now be taking the lessons with her. Yay!! So many of our investigators are learning a lot, and making a lot of progress. It is so awesome to see the growth of testimonies in these people. 

Well, I'm out of time, so once again, I'll wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! God bless you all, every one!

Love, Elder Johnson 

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