Sunday, December 8, 2013

Here's a picture of me with Walsh Ranch's Ward Mission Leader(Brother O.'s) family. They were all super sweet! 

Wow. It has been one LONG week. Transfers went fine. My new area is called Mission Creek. It is a long, sprawling area that extends from the Alamo and Ft Sam Houston all the way South to the 1604. My new address is 3903 SE Millitary dr. #10104 San Antonio TX 78223.
It sounds like you all had a blast at Suzannes. I hope you kept in mind the powerful message behind Thanksgiving, that of gratitude! Anyway. I'll tell more about my new area in the other e-mail. Let me know when the winter concert for choir is, and how they are all doing. Please try to get me the contact info of J. 
Love you all,

Elder Johnson
(this email was written to the family, we didn't hear any more this week and anxiously await his next email. The above family apparently helped him with the transfer on Thanksgiving Day!  Thank you O family!!!  (The boys must play football they are so tall! I thought Justus was one of the children at first!)

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