Monday, March 17, 2014

The big news of the week is BAPTISM! We were able to see M and L be baptized by their father, P this weekend. It was a great experience. Finally this family is united in the gospel, ready to receive in full the blessings of a loving Heavenly Father. I was especially honored by the opportunity to confer the gift of the Holy Ghost to M. I feel especially close to that kid. He reminds me so much of my younger brothers, I can't help but feel almost like an older brother to him. It is so exciting to be a part of the start of the work here in Alta Floresta. The work is hard, that's for sure, but the blessings and miracles we see, more than make up for the difficulties.
The beginning of the week was rough. We spent just about two whole days working things out with the nova casa. Getting running water, cleaning, setting things up, waiting for the furniture. Eeeeesh, it was frustrating. More than anything, I love to get out and get to work. The time lost was like sandpaper to my brain. Because of the move, the week was fairly uneventful. But we made up for a lot of it with the Assistants over the weekend.
The Assistants (Elders R (Brazileiro) and Elder B (Americano)) Arrived on Friday. Right away we got to work. I loved working with both of these missionaries, and I learned a ton. More than anything, I realized that I had become a tad cynical. Working with these great missionaries totally rejuvenated Elder N and I, and we're excited to get back in the groove.

However, this week we'll be spending two days in a nearby city (Sinop) to attend a zone conference, and to contact some extended family of Elder N that live there. So, once again, the work here in Alta Floresta will suffer a little bit, but I'm excited to see what I can learn from our time is Sinop!

Ate Mais!

Elder Johnson

Pictures of Elders and family whose boys were baptized.  Other pictures of Assistants and Justus'
companion Elder N in their new apartment.  The green parrot had a broken leg.  The other picture is an Alta Floresta phenomenon.  It looks like a praying mantis, louva adeus.  

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