Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Well, this letter is going to be even shorter than previous ones, We've got to leave in the next 15 minutes to head up to the mission office, so I can have a farewell interview with President Slaughter, and get my travel plans.
This week has been a busy one, but we've seen some great things happen in our area. I feel like once again I have to leave an area right on the verge of awesome success. Elder F. and I went through the area book, and found some previous investigators who have been miraculously prepared! It is remarkable how often as a missionary you the the hand of the Lord in directing this work.
My feelings as to Brazil are conflicted. I am super excited and also super nervous. I know for a fact my Portuguese is way under-par, and I am NOT looking foreward to being permanently sweaty and hot and uncomfortable. But, I'm gratefull for the remarkable opportunity that I'm sure it will be. I've learned so much here in Texas already, I can't wait to see what lessons Brazil has in store! Needless to say, my next letter home will most likely be a very humble one.

Love, Elder Johnson

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