Wednesday, September 4, 2013

 How do you enjoy humid stadium floors packed with thousands of people for two straight hours?  Ben and Jerry's ice cream!!! Last Saturday we attending the BYU vs. SVU game.  After the first quarter all spectators were escorted to sheltered areas to wait out the thunder storm that lasted two hours.  Justus made the most of the unexpected game delay and bought ice cream to share with Avery.  It was our last family activity before Justus left for his mission.  

He left this morning. We are sending him to the hands of my sister-in-law Krista Johnson who will drive him from the SLC airport to the MTC in about 2 hours.  We hope to hear from him soon but until then wanted to share what I found while cleaning his room this morning in an AP Lit. self analysis paper written last year.
"Self analysis has always been hard for me.  The whole "looking into some internal mirror to discover your true self" process eludes me.  If ones true self could be expressed or described as a material, I suppose I'd be a cotton ball.  I tend to be very moldable, flexible, adaptable and easily moved.  However, deep beneath all the cotton fluff, I know that there is a core.  Somewhere inside me is a titanium sphere, a firm, unyielding essence of who I am.  So then, if I have this core, why then is it so hard for me to find?  I've never been confronted by a trial wherein my fundamental beliefs or identity has been called into question....I wonder whether or not I have done enough to sustain that inner core of mine...I suppose that underneath my cotton ball fluff I hope to find a perfect medium...I want to have a core of being that is firm and unyielding, while maintaining softness, gentleness, or maybe just even a capacity to feel.  For now I am content to let my little cotton ball float down the rivers of life.  What is on the inside?  only time and the currents will tell."

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